False Arrest

You are in a retail store shopping and minding your own business. After several minutes of shopping, an undercover plainclothes security guard approaches you and, in front of store employees and other shoppers, accuses you of shoplifting. He asks you to come to the back room and threatens to call the police if you don't. After several minutes of interrogation by the security guard, where he may or may not have conducted a strip search, he lets you go. Even though the police were never called, this is but one example of false arrest or false imprisonment. There are several other examples, including where the police are called and you are taken to jail, but the charges are later dismissed.

Nothing could be more humiliating, or harmful to your reputation, then a false arrest. Even if charges are dropped, if you are arrested by the police that arrest will probably remain on your record forever. It will affect your ability to get into college, get a job, open a bank account, buy a house, or enter the armed forces. Attorney Norman Miller is a former prosecutor who is very familiar with the criminal code and false arrest claims. He has handled several successful false arrest cases against businesses in his 29 year legal career and can help you get fair compensation for loss of your freedom and injury to your reputation.

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About False Arrest

Many false arrest lawsuits are brought against security guards and retail stores acting against suspected shoplifters or other types of law breakers. An over zealous security guard may attempt to physically detain a person based on a suspicion instead of acting after an offense has been committed. While a merchanbt can argue that "merchandise concealment" provides grounds to make an arrest a jury may believe otherwise.

Law enforcement officers are generally protected from false arrest lawsuits through a process known as Qualified Immunity. Qualified Immunity protects law enforcement officers from liability when they are performing their official duties, such as arresting suspects.

American bounty hunters have often been subjected to false arrest lawsuits when they attempt to enforce an arrest warrant outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. In extreme cases, bounty hunters have been accused of kidnapping. While the actions of a bounty hunter have a legal basis, their actions are not always done within the limits of the law.

There are numerous possible reasons and justifications for filing a false arrest lawsuit. We recommend calling our law firm to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your situation, and the viability of filing a false arrest lawsuit.

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